‘Tis a busy season. It is. For all my intentions to the contrary, I’ve had little time for posts. Still in the flurry, am I, too. So, now that I’ve admitted this to myself, I suppose it’s official: I’m on a bit of a bog-break.

Shall return to my usual musings and meanderings sometime later next week. In the interim…

Snow Dancers, painting by Leah Dorion


Seven Generations - painting by Leah Dorion

… wishes and salutations, from me to you.

May we indeed come to understand ourselves as the agents of a new collective era!

[Images link to artist’s website.]
[Header image credit: Mas Haya del Universo by Paula Nicho Cumes]


One thought on “Welcome b’ak’tun 14.

  1. Ooooh; that’s curious. Missing out on the new resolutions am I?

    M’self. Might be MIA, at least intermittently, over the next few weeks. Flattering to think I’m missed ;) Look forward to the catching up on ongoings, at your ethereal abode, soon….

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