Image of a scene from "Omen" (2012) by Natasha Tsakos

Quick Notes

– While not ‘naïve‘ in design, nor indicative of a ‘poor theatre‘, still it could be argued that recent works by Natasha Tsakos exemplify an emerging Popular Theatre genre. Brechtian methods intermingle with Artaudian measures: The artist intends to inform and solicit witnesses having erstwhile devised sensoral dramas.

– Though the physical theatre approach to performing is evident, prioritizing embodied characters and choreographic expressiveness over portrayal of the mundane, both a gestural mimesis and the occasion of direct address frequently recalls a more confrontational style of performance art. All the same, the fourth wall breaches moreso resemble a cinematic alienation technique in the most contemporary of ways. This exchange takes place not between performers and audience members but is, instead, an engagement mediated by spectacle.

Poster for "Up Wake" (2010) by Natasha Tsakos– Tsakos’ work attempts a fluid interdisciplinarity, that then resonates as both episodic and a total art piece, with scenes within scenes transitioning between vignettes. Environmental support for audience absorption, and the characters inter-relating with the scenography, nonetheless provide for an ethereal venture into an other-worldliness. Surrealism juxtapositions abstract expressionism, and is what renders her characters’ escapades, blurring distinction between the latter’s fantasies and our mutual world references.

– Though not immersive the projections hint at a mise-en-scène that articulates personae and generates anthropomorphic objects, with which she performs, as well as comprising sets furnished with digital props. Operatic narrative – re-mixed media appropriation – 3D animation – and intermedia performance art combined involve monologues and speach acts, allegory and symbolism, metaphorical representativeness, and audio-visual pastiche as storytelling cohorts.

– These collaborations are credited so as to reference a conceptual designer, in the conventional role of Director, with no less emphasis upon stagings in the presentational approach. The designer-composer-writer-performer also both negotiates with and facilitates technological interactivity. These works represent one approach to new media implementation, that carries a particularly familiar new aesthetic onto stages, while both expressing and drawing attention to critical issues of the day.

Artist website: http://www.natashatsakos.com/NATASHA TSAKOS


Natasha Tsakos is a conceptual director, and a performance artist from Geneva, Switzerland, now residing in the US. She is notable for achieving what critics call a creative and innovative vision in the art of orchestrating and synchronizing various disciplines, to the execution of high-leveled productions. Her colorful spectrum in the performing arts ultimately allows her to produce ground breaking work for the stage integrating technology in an interactive way.


Image of a scene from "Climax" (2011) by NatashaTsakos

Interactivity development in a video entitled, PLAY::: Markerless Motion Capture Technology:

Documentation excerpts from Climax:
(Recorded Live at the Frank Gehry-New World Center | SUSTAINATOPIA HONORS 2011)

Artist (TED) Talk, includes documentation and performances from “Up Wake”: Natasha Tsakos’ multimedia theatrical adventure:

[Images link to project sites]


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