To accompany presentation of research trajectory and outcomes.

  • Initial research interests

Two Boundaries

Bounded-Body / Bounded Art-Objects : The Inter-relational Dynamics of Performance-premised Engagements

  • Creative experiments

Sample tests; hallway.

Tests with interactive mirrors.

Visual Aid for Hallway Idea

Illustration of hallway of mirror concept.

Draft Programming Patches

Sample programming patches for mirror tests.

  • Interruption of studies


Collaborative founding of Art Can Heal Montreal while initially on Leave.

  • Relevance of past research to new concentration


E.g. of participation in seminars and experiments at the Topological Media Lab.

  • Introduction to Antonin Artaud

Microsoft Word - The Theater and Its Double - By Antonin Artaud.

  • Practical attributes of Artaud’s surreality


Illustrations in Theatre Alfred Jarry pamphlet.

  • Schizophrenia and Artaud’s unique expectations of theatre


The machine of being by Antonin Artaud.

  • Implausible and impossible prescriptions for the theatre of cruelty


Antonin Artaud in Les Cenci (1935).

  • Present day cruel immersions and spectacles


A survivalist game experience for Oculus Rift.

  • Concluding discussion surrounding the artists role


Einstein’s Dream at the Topological Media Lab.


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